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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Perfectionist?? are you one??

Perfectionists are not always the stereotypical hard-driving overachievers, writes Doug Worgul of Knight-Ridder News. Frequently, perfectionists feel such anxiety over the possibility of failing that "they refuse to try activities rather than risk failing and consequently fall into a pattern of underachieving," according to Virginia Harvey of the U.S. National Association for School Psychologists.
Procrastination is another characteristic of a perfectionist child. "There's a perverse feeling of safety," says clinical psychologist Lawrence Kutner, "that comes from not studying for an imminent exam . . . The child perfectionist feels that such work cannot be considered a true measure of his abilities."

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


This summer, so far has been the best summer I've ever had since I've come Canada! I've been meeting new people, camping, making friends and getting my driving licence. Also, planning going back to university in September has been a top agenda for me. No school homework and worries makes summer holidays free of hassle and just enjoying my life. But my concious says that university should be evern more fun than summer, again my consious questions the idea of "being" which I have read somewhere that trying to "be" like that or like this is going the wrong way on a one way street. In AFG and Canada summer is the working season, when economy is more active and jobs are available more. It is a busy season and one actually meets people on streets of north Toronto.
There are several plans of mine which are top agenda and need to be completed, and several that I am trying to make.
I just pray to fulfill those plans hopefully by September.

Friday, May 27, 2005


I really tried to understand the connection between my religion, my country, world issues and myself. As I got more involved and learned more, I felt the need to search more, and now I understand that I know only a bit, and the truth is not always obvious. Moreover, my personal opinions which are shaped by my family, and environment influence my opinion and learning the truth. To know the truth, it is essential to have that state of mind where I can pass no judgement and just learn the pure truth.
Ok, enough of philosophical thoughts, I'd like to welcome you, the respected reader, to my weblog :-)